Signal Processing

Our signal processing capabilities includes algorithm development and system implementation for applications areas such as:

  • Geolocation and Direction Finding
    • Cross Ambiguity Function (CAF) TDOA/FDOA processing.
    • Time-delay estimation / Line of Bearing.
    • Antenna Array Processing (MUSIC, etc.), Beamforming.
  • Statistical Signal Processing
    • Cyclostationary and Higher Order Statistics (HOS) Signal Processing Low SNR signal detection, geolocation, interference mitigation.
    • Spectral Analysis, Time-Frequency Distributions.
    • Pattern Recognition, Signal Detection, Identification and Classification.
  • Audio, Speech, and Image Processing
    • CVOCODER development, adaptive filtering, acoustic direction finding.
    • Image filtering, segmentation, texture analysis, and pattern recognition.
    • Speaker Recognition, Facial Recognition.
Audio Processing Facial Recognition